Father God, You are all that we have need of individually and as a nation. Because You love us You provided all that we have need of individually and as a nation. You have answered many of our prayers for truth to be made known and hidden things to come to light in our nation. As we know more we repent more because of the failures of the church to stand firm in the truth and in honoring You that we had not known. You are the judge of all things. We plead our cause before You asking You to avenge us of our adversaries. We do repent for our sins of omission and commission and of those who came before us that allowed our nation to come to this state. In Isaiah 59:15-17 Israel was in this state and it displeased You because there was no justice. Favor us and have mercy on us individually and as a nation as we seek to serve and honor You not having any other God before You. Avenge us of our adversaries and avenge all those You have appointed to leadership of all of their adversaries. Father God and judge of all things Your judgement is always righteous. Avenge us of all those who accuse us and those who serve You by calling good evil and evil good. Father God You decide what is good and what is evil. Vindicate all those who have been attacked and falsely accused because they chose to remain faithful to You. We do run boldly to the throne of Grace to receive mercy. 2 Chronicles 15:2-4 Israel was in such a place as we are today where many had forsaken the true God and there were no teaching priest teaching Your truth, but when they turned to You in their troubles You did not hide from them. You let them find You. Let us find You in spite of those who have forsaken You. Avenge us of our adversaries and make Christ known in our nation again. Save our nation, awaken the church to righteousness to serve You and no other. In the name that is above all name – JESUS. Amen.