Our Father and our God, our nation is in great peril from enemies within and enemies without. Enemies within twist the words of those who trust You, and who stand for truth. Those enemies without watch what those within are doing and seek to capitalize on and take advantage of the internal unrest hoping to seize any opportunity to destroy us.

BUT GOD, our eyes are on You. Our hope is in You. Our trust is in You. Every time I see the words BUT GOD in the scriptures, I also see that You made the difference in the affairs of Your people because You are the difference, and You do all things well. There is none like You. Counsel us on what we should do in every battle. It is written that our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through You to the pulling down of strongholds. Father God, You know every stronghold in our nation and You have given us weapons that are mighty through You to pull them down. Make us skillful in the use of these weapons every member supplying his part at Your word that none of these strongholds remain.

Let not our enemies within or without our nation prosper, especially those within the church. They say that they are Yours, but You say that some who say that they are Yours are not Yours just as some said that they were Abraham’s seed and Jesus told some that they were not of Abraham. Put to silence every deceiver, especially those who deceive Your people, and cause the eyes, the minds, and the hearts of all those who have been deceived to see the light of Your word and no longer walk in darkness. Cause us to see all things as You see all things inquiring of You and not leaning to our own understanding.

Father, deliver us from evil unreasonable men and women, and evil doers who hate us and You; and who look for opportunities to do us harm. They devise evil plans and schemes to snare and trap the righteous. Cause all of their plans to fail, and and reveal them and the doers making them to be made known, and show them to be in the wrong. What they have done in secret make it known to the nation and to the world – to the nation and the world because we once represented You well in the nation and the world, but evil doers want to bring a reproach to Your name in the nation and the world. Those who came before us established Your word in this nation. Open our eyes and teach us to give no place to the devil, and return to You with our whole hearts repenting for the sins that have been done in the nation and the church against You and against each other – brother against brother doing those things that are evil in Your sight,

Many sins have been committed in our nation. As it was in the day of Isaiah(Isaiah 28:14-18) when scornful men ruled in Jerusalem, so it is now in our nation, and as they needed Your help then, we ask for Your help now. There are still those who honor You and Your word and the covenant that our founders made with You. That covenant is in our history. Though many have forsaken You, all have not forsaken You. The few, the remnant still look to You with repentant hearts seeking mercy and guidance as to what we should do and how we should pray as we ask You to save us from our enemies within and without.

We have no king but Jesus was heard throughout the Revolutionary War. You Father are still our God and Jesus is still our King and Lord. Our moral compass pointed to Jesus then, and our moral code comes from You. Father, restore all that has been lost and stolen. You know every enemies and every weapon, and You even know us better than we know ourselves. It is written, “O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.” Jeremiah 10:23 (KJV) Father order our steps. Correct us Lord direct us Lord so that we learn to walk uprightly before You in every way and in every place. Let us not walk in darkness and deception. Restore all that has been lost and stolen in these United States of America. We began with You. Help us to return to You knowing that from the beginning our moral compass pointed to Jesus and our moral code came from You our God – divine providence. Thank You for total restoration, for redemption, and time to redeem the time. This I/we ask in the name that is above all names our Lord – Jesus the Christ. Amen.